Non-Denominational Meditation: For Beginners and Experts

Meditation is an enjoyable discipline, and should be approached as such. Too often, in pursuits that can be defined as “spiritual”, a grim intensity can kick in, a compulsion to “do it right”, which can eclipse pleasure and is almost always counter-productive, in my experience.

The pure and simple communion with the energy of life, via relaxed awareness of the breath, is the essence of my meditation. This gentle focus is both the most elementary and the most advanced technique in the practice. Often, we who have practiced “long and hard” are most in need of being reminded of such fresh truths.

The best teaching starts at the beginning and stays there.

What to Expect:

First, you give me all your worldly possessions. (Not really, that’s the more traditional approach…)

Seriously, first I give a quick introductory overview of my approach to meditation and define the non-denominational nature of the practice by assuring attendees that they do not need to relinquish existing beliefs or accept new ones.

I invite adherents of other methods to accept which aspects of my method they choose to, if any, but request that they save debate on esoteric points of procedure until the discussion at the end of class.

We then begin to explore an enhanced awareness of the life energy with a few minutes of relaxed breathing, followed by a brief interlude for questions and clarification. Then we meditate for twenty minutes or so, as appropriate for an introductory session, and have a time for further discussion before the formal end of the class. The class will have taken an hour, give or take.

After the “official” end of class, those who wish can stay for an extended silent meditation, an hour or so in length.

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