Mindful Hikes

Walking Meditation offers us the gift of presence, helping us more fully inhabit the moment, our bodies, our world. Walking Meditation enhances the known health benefits of walking by sharpening our appreciation of the gifts of awareness and the wondrous world we live in. It is my great pleasure to facilitate this experience on my guided hikes and walks.

The practice of Walking Meditation is the same on a level path or a mountain trail, but the environment we’re passing through, as well as the exertion or ease of the trek, will naturally flavor our experience. I try to be clear in my notifications whether an upcoming event will be a walk, a hike, or a hybrid of the two, so that participants can choose according to ability and preference.

What to Expect:

Normally, I’ll offer a brief overview of Walking Meditation, give a simple but detailed instruction in my method, and lead a standing meditation to ground and center before embarking. I will encourage participants to walk in silence. This introductory orientation usually takes twenty minutes or so, and then we walk! At some point along the way, we’ll break our vows of silence to bring up questions or share impressions, air grievances or deliver blistering critiques of the leader’s style, and then we’ll resume silence and walk some more!

It’s very casual, quite fun, and easy as falling off a log. Hope you can join us sometime.

See Schedule for upcoming events.