Complicated world

Complicated World  (1996) Lovingly recorded in Atlanta, Ga. by Burt and Joe Wolff, this collection of tunes revolve around the theme that it is, in fact, a Complicated World.
Songs: She Finds Love; For Lilly Rae; Complicated World; What Would Stephen Foster Say?;  The Other Day; The Glory Road; The Nazi Mother; T-Town Blue; My Gal; To live Here; Song for Me
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Jeff Falcomer Perp

Vic Perp; New Age Private Eye (2001) A "concept album" on which all the songs  explore the uniquely Human phenomenon of  Belief, from a tangential, not especially reverent perspective. Beautifully recorded by Roger Tschann in Petaluma, CA.
Songs:  Intro; When J. Edgar Hoover and the Goddess Ruled;  Mary  (A Conversation); Showtime; All We Have is Today; The Crones of Encino; A Good Life; Somnius interruptus; Sweet Stuff; Vic Perp- New Age Private Eye; I Will; Ain't No Train
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Jeff Falconer

High Road to Doomsday- Songs from the Hit Show!! (2008) Songs from Jeff's one man show, recorded solo and live by Roger Tschann in Petaluma, CA.
Songs: This Postmodern Hell; She Walks to the River; American Sunset; In Norilsk Town; Theme Park for Martyrs; Kennesaw Mud; High Road to Doomsday; Wordless Prayer; Love So High; Love In My Heart; Act Like You Care; World Within; (Take the Time and Talk To) Someone You Disagree With;  Break the Chain; Come Dream with Me.
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Jeff Falconer

Porch Groove- Jaydub and Dino (2006): Jeff and Dennis Cordellos sat down in Grizzly Studio with Roger Tschann at the board and cranked out these tunes live! The sophisticated yet primal sounds of Porch Groove will soothe and stimulate even the most callous listener.
Songs: This Kind of Love; Have You In My Arms Tonight; Darlin' Look My Way; Ma Jolie; Havana Hayride; I Know Why; Moonlight; Red Sky Serenade; Go Or Stay; Porch Groove; Too Much Static; Come Dream With Me
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Jeff Falconer

Eclectic Ain't No Cussword. (2012) Jeff and Dennis Cordellos descended on Jackalope Studios in Santa Rosa, CA, in 2012. With the lovely and talented Doug Jayne at the controls, our heroes produced this gem, reflective of Jaydub and Dino's eclectic musical experience and taste. Songs Include: Your Love; This Time; Share Your Love; I'm So Blue; Up on the Mountain; When the Blues Come; Complicated world; This Heart of Mine; The Other Day; Don't Lose Your Way; Pray She Knows; O.G.

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Jeff Falconer

Hipster Burden. (2016)

Hipster Burden (2016). In The Summertime of 2015, Jaydub and Dino once again darkened the door of Jackalope Studios, lair of the aforementioned Doug Jayne, to record Hipster Burden, an aromatic bouquet of original human-condition explorations, ranging from wickedly satirical to heart-on-sleeve. Songs include: In The Summertime; Alone With You; Torture Chamber Love; Cool Blue Heart; What’s It Like?; Hipster Burden; Guilty Dog; You’re Gone; Sugarloaf Strut; The Shelter We Seek; Golden Time.

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