Blurred Lines, Clear Vision

The thing I like best about meditation is feeling my individual self dissolve into the much larger energy of Life. Sitting quietly, focusing my attention on my breath and relaxing into its motion, I treasure the fresh clarity that enlivens my body and grounds my senses. It’s a small, simple act, but the melting of boundaries and relaxation it can bestow are significant.

We all armor ourselves emotionally and develop strategies of selective focus, just to get through the average day. Negotiating traffic, steering through personal dynamics in the workplace, or seeing family members struggle with life’s challenges make it necessary to sharpen one’s bow, like a ship powering through a storm. Knowing that there’s a way to opt out of survival mode and drop the public persona we’re compelled to wear, even just for a few breaths in the midst of the daily fray, is precious beyond measure.

When I lift my gaze from protecting and promoting myself, I see everything else. It ain’t rocket surgery. Releasing my individual “drop” into the larger ocean doesn’t mean it’s lost forever. I’m not trying to kill my intellect, neutralize my emotions, or negate my personality in meditation. I’m simply giving it a rest, taking a breather, charging the batteries. Basking in a moment of vital emptiness won’t make me a zombie, or a sucker for the next hustler who sashays down the sidewalk. Seeing the big picture, even just a glimpse of it, brings compassion and wisdom. Taking the long view and rekindling my ability to feel can’t help but make me a more effective agent for good.

All from just a moment, a breath, and a long sigh. How nice.

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