Long Line of Dreamers

A Vic Perp Adventure by Jeff Falconer

Copyright 2006-Jeff Falconer

Please note these are excerpts, not meant to tell the story in any complete sense. Lapses in chapter order is the clue as to where the excerpts fall in the book. The last excerpt presented  here is roughly two-thirds to the end. Then it gets good! Thanks for your interest-

I opened my eyes as quietly as I could, careful not to look at the bank of T.V. screens opposite the futon. The room looked smaller, as it had every morning I'd woken up there. Could it be that it really was smaller? My captors had been ingenious in their efforts to entertain and/or torture me, so why not? This would be Day Three, or was it Day Four? Each day the room was smaller, but it was farther to the bathroom, and much farther to the locked door and the window. Each day my legs were wobblier, and my balance worse.
I could have knocked the window out and bolted, except for the thing with my legs, and the fact that I'd been escorted into the room at gunpoint. Odds were good that gun was still out there, on the hip of its shit-heel biker owner. So the motivation against breaking out was strong.
Plus, staying put seemed like the right thing to do from a karmic standpoint.
They say that all the events in life are reflective of one's inner state. This is how we learn. Physical circumstance is directly tied to spiritual and emotional circumstance, and since I didn't know exactly where I was, who had brought me there, or why, the prudent strategy was clearly to wait and see. So I'd been sitting on the futon, cozy, fed and probably drugged, relaxing and breathing, waiting for a clue. The days and nights had run together in a fever dream of echoes, glimpses, and almost-grasped hints. Sitting, watching, sleeping, dreaming, and poring over the unlikely series of events that'd brought me here, searching for a thread.
I should have stayed in L.A., where it's safe. But oh no! I had to hit the road and take the first case that came my way.
Like most cases, it had started with a phone call. But before that, like every case since the first mug worked the first case, it had started with a woman.
Okay, several women, if you want to get technical.

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